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Advance Equipment and Projects Pvt. Ltd. (AEPPL), we have always believed that Technology holds the new era of success. Development and application of newer technologies, expertise and experience- gained through our successful engagement in various projects in a way of life at AEPPL. This is fact of both the energy and environment range of solutions offered by us in India.

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Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP)

Our range of sewage treatment plant services are popular for their quality across the state . Additionally, we also provide engineering consultancy services for completing the turnkey projects like engineering,surveying, designing and equipment manufacturing along side the testing and supplying of varied sort of sewage treatment Plants.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Effluent treatment plants that we develop, and provide are utilized for treating both industrial and municipal effluent which mainly comprises of sludge or\ sewage and wastewater.
Our effluent treatment plants are perfect for removing the harmful pathogens, for clear detergents and toxins.

Grey Water Treatment Plant

Grey water is basically the wastewater which gets produced mainly from domestic activities such as dishwashing, bathing, laundry. So, by simply using grey water treatment plant, one can recycle the wastewater for useful purposes, such as landscape irrigation, and for flushing purposes. Moreover, by using grey water treatment plant, the use of fresh water can be reduced.

Demineralisation Plant

DM plant help in the process of demineralization of water by way of removing the impurities and mineral salt from the water. The offered plants have been meticulously designed and are fabricated utilizing finest quality raw materials in combination with highly advanced technology.

Soft Drink Plant

Soft drink plants from us are fabricated and customized as per the industry needs. Moreover, the soft drink plants that we supply are in strict adherence with the worldwide quality standards. Additionally, our quality controllers test the soft drink plants on strict quality parameters to ensure flawless supply of best quality plants.

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

We make no compromise on quality and always provide to our customers best quality product.

Manufactured by us, our range of water treatment plants comprise of features which include sedimentation, filtration, chlorination, disinfection, coagulation and so on.

Commercial Water Treatment

We use our wide range of processes with an integrated approach to deliver total solutions for every market. Comprehensive services such as O&M enable us to meet customer needs totally, offering end benefit conveniently and economically, with single source responsibility.



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Technical Solutions

We supplement our O&M contracts with Retrofit assignments. Retrofitting solutions include:
Upgrading existing facilities with regards to capacity and quality parameters in order to reduce cost of operations.
Recommend/execute engineering changes to reduce energy bills. This is achieved by identifying suitable technology and recommending variable frequency drives, PLCs, etc. for pumping systems and AHU fan blowers.

Operations & Maintenance

Our offerings include chemicals/bio-culture treatment, retrofit identification, and preventive maintenance, among others, with the ultimate aim to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation of the facilities. Our service engineers are highly trained with strong interpersonal and communications skills required for such a demanding job.

Remote Monitoring

Plant details can be viewed over a secure link 24×7, round the globe. No matter where you are, all you need is a PC/Laptop/Phone/Tablet to monitor your facilities.

Technical Skills

New generation packaged sewage treatment plant

Our state of art waste water treatment plants involves physico-chemical, biological and membrane processes. They are reliable, energy efficient, flexible in operation and use minimum space and chemicals. They incorporate conventional and innovative technologies to meet discharge regulations for residential, municipal and commercial applications.

Membrane Bio- Reactor

These integrative systems use innovative energy efficient, cost effective technologies for optimum water recovery. They include advanced micro filtration, ultra filtration, nano filtration and reverse osmosis systems. We select the most appropriate technologies and treatment schemes after bench scale and pilot plant studies, detailed site studies..

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